60 Minutes SundayTells It All!

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I hope some of you watched 60 Minutes Sunday.

The television news reporting program "validated" what I have been criticising the Haitian government for for a longtime "Incompentence & mediocrity".

It should take the "blanc" to go all the way to Haiti to tell these morons that those tents that were promised to build for the Haitians sleeping on the streets cannot be built fast enough because those cargos with all of the materials have been sitting on the port unable to get delivered due to their stupid bureaucracy.

And the so-called primer minester, Bellerives, had no shame to say that he was NOT aware of this problem.

My question is, how could he not know/be aware of such problem?

Isn't he the government?

Last time I checked, the prime minister was in charge of all the ports in Haiti, the transportation, and all the government affairs.

It's been almost one(1) year since the earthquake left over a million people on the streets and the Bellerives had no clue the materials had been held on his ports for delivery?

This is a government with NO heart and empathy of its people and the country, period.

This is the classic Incompetence and Mediocrity of Haiti.

Tiba, November 16 2010, 6:24 AM

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