You reveal too many things and I am scared for you. Don't let...

Montplaisir Leostene - November 13 2010, 6:42 PM

You reveal too many things and I am scared for you. Don't let them make you a dead meat. In the U.S., scientists make people become homosexuals and homosexuality is not a choice anymore.

Scientists make males sleep with males and vice versa for females to reduce the world population and they do it also along animals to justify homosexuality as a natural product.

They feminize males with female traits transfered to them during pregnancy with their so-called prenatal pills and vaccines against diseases.

U.S. scientists create an upside down world everywhere and no society is shielded against those monstruous practices...

I feel mortified by those insane practices and human beings have no value at all and they become commodities like goods...The worst of it the churches are accomplices and they remain silent on those stpd things.

Who can defend society against those abuses?

It is sad hein!


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