Marjory Middy, You're not fighting for a new Haiti at all and...

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Marjory Middy,

You're not fighting for a new Haiti at all and I don't think you love the Haitian people neither.

Baker, wrong Haiti multiple times or his life time and he wrong all of the Haitian people just so he can advance his agenda to make few bucks.

Baker profited from cheap labor and refused to pay people what they worth.

Baker will never do what's right for Haiti and Haitians, not before and certainly not now.

I will be glad to validate Baker as a good Man and give him credits for anything due to him, but unfortunately he is suck (ssssss) at all levels.

Baker is not new to us okay.

And if what I am saying are not true he need to come here and prove it the world of Haitians.

I have outstanding proof on baker's history and his family's past in Haiti.

You are right, Haitians are not stupid but unfortunately we found ourselves cornered with some horrible situations of past mistakes and Baker is trying to take advantage of it with the backing of the international hatreds to keep Haiti under, and poor.

I am telling these informations as a citizen.

God bless!


Montresor 2011, November 8 2010, 1:30 PM

Topic: Charles Henri Baker and the Haitian Slave Mentality

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Chantal Bertand, 7-Nov-10 7:41 pm
Nous ne sommes pas contents de votre blog. Vous etes insultante et pas tres informee. Pourquoi vous ne retournerez pas... read more >
Marjorie Middy, 7-Nov-10 8:05 pm
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Nazaire F. P, 7-Nov-10 10:48 pm
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Nadege, 7-Nov-10 11:17 pm
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Nadege, 7-Nov-10 11:32 pm
Both Nadege and Nazaire, There is no need to "LIBERATE" the slaves for they have been freed two hundred years ago. As... read more >
Marjorie Middy, 8-Nov-10 10:04 am
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Nadege, 8-Nov-10 10:23 am
Look Nadege, Your sympathy towards the poor is so endearing. I do hope you understand that the word "coons" means... read more >
Marjory Middy, 8-Nov-10 12:17 pm
You are absolutely CORRECT, my dear ignorant and highly misinformed, yet unabashedly arrogant friend. Haitians are not... read more >
Nadege, 8-Nov-10 1:30 pm
Marjory Middy, You’re not fighting for a new Haiti at all and I don’t think you love the Haitian people neither... read more >
Montresor 2011, 8-Nov-10 1:30 pm
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