Haiti Is A Country With The United States Since 1862

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Haiti was a Voodoo country since 1804 to 1862 and it was a good country after all. From the first U.S. coup d'etat against Salomon a truly democratic government like Manigat, Estime and Fignole.

Haiti became worst with its Christian colonization and poverty is killing us. All Christian countries in Africa are the poorest ones and those that are technologically advanced are trying to stay away from Christianity's enslavement.

Haiti is poor because it is a Christian country.

If the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Japan, Spain and others to name a few were very Christianized like Haiti, they would still be poor countries.

Haiti is practicing the old Christianity faith that relies on poverty to survive.

We need to separate church from the state of Haiti to advance or promote the Haitian causes.

The Christian churches in Haiti and the NGOs are the roots causes of our poverty.

All Christians in Haiti are colonizers and that is why we are so poor...

Lumumba Petro, November 7 2010, 11:08 AM

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