Wow Toulimen, this is a very part of the Haitian history that...

Jean-bas - November 7 2010, 10:59 AM

Wow Toulimen, this is a very part of the Haitian history that we all have missed.

Thank you for helping us. Haiti was a better country when it was a pure Voodoo country from 1804 to 1862. Haiti was equal to the United States and the latter dismantles Haiti to please the former French colonizers.

Now, we need to be ourselves as Brandt and Mevz have claimed it. Haiti is very poor since it became a Christian country in 1862 to 2006. We need to reclaim our country back from the hands of the Christian colonizers in Haiti otherwise Haiti's independence will worth nothing.

The conservative elites of Haiti need to call for reforms to purify Voodoo and bring back the original Haiti that we had from 1804 to 1862. We should kick those colonizers out from our lands in Haiti if we want to eradicate poverty in Haiti.

The Catholic Church as well as the Protestant churches are the ones that put Haiti in deep poverty forever.

We are colonized and enslaved again through those religion practices in Haiti.

We need to be ourselves and claim our country back. We should call for religious reforms in purifying the Voodoo against those colonizer practices in Haiti.

Haiti can rise again if we all can understand the roots of our suffering with the ingerence of the United states after 1862 into Haiti's polical, economic and religious affairs.

The Haitian Christians are the new colonizers of Haiti and there will be no chance to liberate Haiti unless we call for religious reforms in Haiti.

Voodoo became an oppressed religion like Christianity in Haiti and we should call for reforms through a peaceful social revolution like the Quebeckers had done it Quebec.

Haiti should modernize its Voodoo practices and learn science too to help with agricultural development to eradicate poverty in Haiti.

We can rise again if we can understand the roots of our oppression and pain as well. The elites although accomplices can change Haiti's course since they ask us to be ourselves.

Be ourselves to liberate Haiti again...


Haiti Was A Voodoo Country From 1804 to 1862

When Haiti was a Voodoo country, its land was prosperous and Haiti was able to feed its children. In Voodoo practices...

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