Haiti Is Not A Voodoo Country Since 1862

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Toulimen says: Haiti Is Not A Voodoo Country but A Christian Country since 1862
When Haiti was a Voodoo country, its land was prosperous and Haiti was able to feed its children.

In Voodoo practices, when one cuts a tree in the past it had to plant 10 other trees to replace that missing one and ceremony was performed to ask for forgiveness for the cutting of that tree. Haiti was flourished with Mapou and Acacia trees all over. Many peasants were cultivating their lands and the country was a unified country.

There was no zombie enslavement anywhere in the country.

From 1862 to 1934, with the introduction of Christianity (all those Christian churches), the pure Voodoo cult suffered a big blow from the Christian colonizers.

They burnt down the Voodoo temples and they burnt those Acacia and Mapou trees that used to protect the lands in order to prevent Voodoo ceremonies underneath of those trees.

They killed many Voodoo priests in order to eradicate the Voodoo and from that oppressed criminality era the bad Voodoo emerged to become a defensive mode of resistance to protect the Voodoo priests that survived the Christianity's crusade in Haiti.

The Voodoo from 1804 to 1862 was a pure Voodoo as being part of Animism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism and Islamist Sophism as well. Voodoo is the only religion in the world that was able to combine all those religious aspects to form a unique Creole religion meaning born in the land of Hispaniola as known as today's date Haiti.

Voodoo is not an imported religion like those Christian religions; it is local and born in Haiti.

Why should I reject something that constitutes the essence of ourselves and the one that liberated us from slavery?

Some Christian Haitians are ungrateful toward the Voodoo and they let Christianity enslaves and colonizes them again.

The United States is the one that destroys Haiti since its interference in Haiti's affairs in 1862. The United States is the one that colonizes Haiti with all those colonized Christian churches in Haiti.

They made the peasants abandon their lands and the Voodoo practices to become Christians in the cities and that is where the destruction of Haiti starts.

Haiti before 1862 was a unique and beautiful country and Haitians were able to feed themselves.

Since Christianity took over to replace the pure Voodoo of 1804, Haitians became very oppressed, criminals, beggars, liars and prostitutes as well. Haitians became to sell their souls to the colonizers and they hate themselves and others...

Actually, some bad Voodoo practices as practiced after 1862 are helping America.

Every decade, America has to kill some Americans in order to reduce its populations.

The three branches of the Haitian Voodoo such as Congo, Petro and Dahomey have been replaced in America and in the World by CDC: Center for Disease Control(creators of viruses to kill people around the world and they are Christian scientists), American Red Cross Technicians (the ones that keep inflicting those viruses to others through their so-called aid workers, they are the ones that are telling us how to deal with those viruses once they are out) and finally the churches to preach the gospel like those Dahomeyens (Guinens yo in Haiti).

Does that make America a bad country as being a modernized Voodoo Country?

How can Haiti be a bad country when others are using their Voodoo practices into new forms to develop themselves?

We are bad because we are colonized and we renounce to our ancestral roots.

Haiti used to be a Voodoo country from 1804 to 1862 and it was a good country and since Haiti becomes a Christianized country it became the land of the Christian colonizers to oppress others and that is where the bad Voodoo comes from as a mode of resistance against the colonizers.

Haiti has its unique chance to become itself and to rise again as an independent black nation on earth.

Since Haitians became Christians, they become bluffers, liars, racketeerians, mafia, criminals, corruptors, dividers and beggars as well. We need to be ourselves and use what was good in the past to recreate our originality and become Haitians again...

Haitians need understand their colonization through the bible enslavement.

Each Christian in Haiti is a colonizer and they contribute to the suffering of the Haitian masses in the destruction of Haiti by the external colonizers.

Be ourselves if we want to be saved.

Haiti is a Christian country since 1862 and not a Voodoo country as many may claim it. Haiti was good when it was a Voodoo country from 1804 to 1862.

Toulimen, November 7 2010, 8:09 AM

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