I never said Voodoo is evil, but I think Montresor does...

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I never said Voodoo is evil, but I think Montresor does believe that Voodo is evil because it does not abide by his Christianity principles.

I said Voodoo is a combination of Animism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islamist Sophism and some Judaism too. Voodoo is a great religion that combines all the above religions to form its sacredness, for Voodoo in Fon a language as spoken in Benin means Sacredness and the Highest One. Pure Voodoo cannot be compared to any Christianity religions, for it is the religion of Cleaned Hands' people.

Haitians are not Voodoo followers instead they are sorcerers, criminals and they lie like the Christians.

To practice Voodoo, one needs to have good hearts and cleaned hands too. In 1804, Haitians were Cleaned Hands' people and they were respected all over the world.

Now, they are beggars, liars, criminals, bluffers and prostitute too. We do not practice Voodoo in Haiti and the day Haiti will practice pure Voodoo it will be a different country around the world.

We will never be a developped country due to the fact we are colonized by the christian churches and the Voodoo sorcerers.

We curse ourselves for the reenslavement of Haiti and there is no salvation for us in this Christianized country like Haiti.

The reason Haiti is poor because it is a Christian country not a Voodoo country.

Christian churches make us become poorer through their doctrinal slavery and the NGOs are keeping us poorer.

Voodoo is not evil Sandra.

It is sacred and Haiti is not a Voodoo country...

Toulimen, November 6 2010, 10:23 PM

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I never said Voodoo is evil, but I think Montresor does believe that Voodo is evil because it does not abide by his... read more >
Toulimen, 6-Nov-10 10:23 pm
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Montresor 2011, 6-Nov-10 10:25 pm
I am proud so proud of you toulimen you express yourself willingly. I know my history very well haiti is not to blame... read more >
Lautre Niveau, 6-Nov-10 10:34 pm
Toulimen, There are no such things as practicing voodoo with clean hearts, clean hands because satan is evil period... read more >
Montresor 2011, 6-Nov-10 10:48 pm
Ask you what is the real name of Jesus when he was born, you will stay silent as a Christian and how this Jesus is... read more >
Toulimen, 7-Nov-10 10:26 pm
It is a waste of time arguing with a colonizer Toulimen. You are right in your writing and that shows a lot of... read more >
Frantz Jean-louis L., 7-Nov-10 10:35 pm
Toulimen and his followers, You’re making no ground with your arguments and claims with me and the public if people... read more >
Montresor 2011, 7-Nov-10 10:50 pm
He cannot beat his record for most of Haitian pastors are ignorant of the Haitian history. Montresor is a Christian... read more >
Max S. Joubert, 8-Nov-10 11:33 pm
Max S. Joubert, The world have all kind of people good and bad at all levels but I will not stop to worship the true... read more >
Montresor 2011, 9-Nov-10 3:07 pm
You are a colonizer of the true God of Greed, Obesity and Destruction as explained by the other guy the other day. As... read more >
Max Joubert, 9-Nov-10 4:11 pm
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