Bacouba: You are wrong!! You wished that Baker was not popular...

Jalamaral - November 5 2010, 11:13 PM

Bacouba: You are wrong!! You wished that Baker was not popular in Haiti.

You are doubly wrong with Baker and army of gangs.

This is not Baker's style.

You know exactly who's style it is.
Should not we be talking about Haiti and how to be on reconstructive path instead of talking sh&&t?

Are not we ashamed enough about how the world see Haiti?

Can we do anything positive?

All I have seen on this blog and others are finger pointing and outright lies.
Poor Haiti.

Us Haitians do NOT KNOW anything about constructive behavior.

It seems like we are better at destruction...

A behavior that is so much part of colonialism and slavery...

Can we make an effort to SHAKE those behaviors OFF.
Haitians can't move forward with this present defeating attitude and fatalism thinking.

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Patcheko, you are right Baker is not popular in Haiti...


Bacouba Pwelnando,You're wrong

Bacouba Pwelnando Says... Baker is not popular in Haiti and has control of all gangs in Haiti. It appears that you are...

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