American Elections Makers Are Nomitating The Republicans

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I am glad to learn that America never held democratic elections in America and only 20% of people are voting in America.

In a country with 80% Democrats and 20% Republicans, to make any elections they use an electorate of 40% just as sample and only 20% of their votes count.

If elections were held free and democratic Al-Gore and Kerry could have been president in America.

It is only brainwashing that counts and Americans are socially conditionned to accept this bluff.

Now, we can understand why the third world countries are so corrupted, for America is the one that teaches them how brainwash, steal and corrupt.

Republicans will be nomitated at 70% and they will take the Congress back to prevent other reforms from taking place in America.

The healthcare will be repealed and America will continue the same politics as usual.

If Obama does not submit his tax collection plan to the Congress after the direct nomination of the Republicans he will be kicked out of power like Jimmy Carter.

I believe that he will submit the last Bill Clinton's tax plan and he will collect so many taxes that he will leave a budget surplus for the next Republican to spend it again like Bush. I love Bush for spending all that money.

Democrats are tax collectors and Republicans are budget deficit.

We will have that same brainwashing over and over. We will always have wars on drugs, terrorism and arms sales all over. Here is the stupid world we are living in. Can Haiti be better?


Jean-marie S. Chanoine, November 1 2010, 9:44 PM

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