Bush and Bill Clinton In Haiti's Politics By Toulimen

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Obama: Acknowledgement of Bush and Clinton as Best U.S. Presidents In Haiti's Politics

Obama is a great political player in America and he knows how to combine strengths and weaknesses to move his country forward.

By using Bush and Bill Clinton into Haitian politics, he shows to the world the greatness of America.

Some Haitians hit Bush and others like Bill Clinton, but Obama proves to them that they are the same as far as Haitian politics are concerned.

On one hand, Haitians hit former President Bush for ousting Aristide from the political power.

Who was Aristide?

What did he do good to articulate his poverty's message to the richest families of Haiti?

How did he articulate that message?

Did he have respect for the rich that promote him to the Haitian presidency?

Can poor people with no resources develop a country?

Did Aristide come into power through a revolution or an election?

Did he have an economic agenda?

What was that economic agenda?

Why did Bush oust him from power?

Answering all those questions will require a thorough analysis of Aristide's presidency and if Aristide is serious enough about his last mode of governance of Haiti he should acknowledge all the mistakes he had made while presiding over Haiti.

Aristide was good for the poor and bad for the rich and he was on the losing side to maintain and preserve his popularity.

One thing that Aristide needs to know is this "Bush could not oust him if his economic elites as being conservative Republicans did not ask their protector in the name of Bush to kick him off out of Haiti." Aristide was a threat to the economic interests of the elites in Haiti for accusing the elites as thieves.

He said that they inherited their wealth through thievery which was unforgivable from a conservative elite of a country.

Aristide got 67% of all the votes and he forgot the 33% as a strong minority that did not vote for him declared her Excellency Ertha Pascal Trouillot in "Haiti: A Predatory Republic" written by Robert Fatton.

Per Haiti's elite request, Bush through his CIA forces operated in the country had done an effective job in removing Aristide from Haiti.

In southern part of Haiti, especially in Jacmel and wherever the light skin people are concentrated in Haiti, they hated the dark skinned Aristide to death and they joined their forces with the other light skinned Haitians in the western side to oust Aristide.

As noticed, Aristide did not have any economic agenda nor any political and administrative reform to move Haiti forward.

Although I do not support Coup D'Etats, but people like Aristide, Preval, Cedras, Avril and Jean Claude Duvalier to name a few did not really deserve to be the former presidents of Haiti.

Two former presidents were good and they were Ertha Trouillot and Manigat.

They had political and economic agenda and along with their vision to move Haiti forward...

All those former presidents as the first cited ones did not have any political reforms and administrative plans to move Haiti forward.

They became elected in a political mess and they increased that mess instead of solving it. In the Caribbean Region only Haiti has almost two hundreds political parties.

Some countries in the region has three major organized political parties and a few minor political parties not over ten that engaged themselves into the political debates to move stuffs around.

None of those former presidents had created a strong electoral law in solving this political mess left by Aubelin Jolicoeur, the last monster political advisor of Duvalier and Le Petit Samedi Soir as well. They felt good in managing a country into this mess, for they could steal better Haiti's wealth.

Instead of accusing the international community for our political and economic social ills, we should ask ourselves how serious we are in moving Haiti forward.

None of those former presidents had a political plan to come up with 5 strong economic administrative divisions instead of 9 as it was before Duvalier to decentralize Haiti.

None of them had tried to achieve the ideals of that beautiful constitution that we had in place in Haiti.

If they had knowledge in politic, economic, law, sociology and ethnology to name a few they could have moved Haiti forward.

I was trained by Aristide supporters to hate rich in Haiti and I was led to believe that rich people were the problems of Haiti.

I do not deny that they are not part of the problems as being administrators, directors, chief personnel and expert accountant and service chief in most of those corrupted Haitian administrations, but the middle class needs to organize itself to reform Haiti as well. We have fraud because we do not apply our administrative laws and that is why they keep diverting funds destined to serve the interests of the Haitian people.

We need good governance and an outsider off the same old routines to move Haiti forward.

This leader will emerge in the next decade and Haiti will turn the page of its history.

I am not defending rich, for Haiti is not the only country that has rich people around the world.

Poor do not own anything in Haiti, but that does not mean that a good leader does not need to defend them. One can still defend the causes of the poor while preserving the economic interests of the rich. The latter would love to pay taxes and strength the middle class in a country that has good governance.

In a country that can create jobs for all, I firmly believe that the rich will contribute to strengthen any government to do so. Rich people in Haiti do not want to help blood sucker president that keeps telling others to kill them and I cannot blame them. I was trained to hate, blame and play the same politics as usual, but my studies overseas help me understand how this country got into this mess that he has found itself.

I am not part of the blame, but I believe that we are all part of the blame somehow.

Our track records and achievements are bad and that is why Haiti becomes the poorest country on earth.

Bill Clinton and Bush are two greatest presidents that America had never had and they exactly did what their political parties instructed them to do. Bush and Clinton knew how to cross political party boundaries and I believe that Obama will do the same. One of the greatest mistakes of Bill Clinton was the return of Aristide into power and he paid a great price for it. Bush's mistake was not to oust Aristide through a forced resignation, but he was supposed to let the Haitian parliamentary do that through a political destitution like they did it in Honduras with Manuel Zelaya.

We could have had a better political transition without this forced political disruption.

After all, they remain two greatest presidents ever into American history and they did what their poltical parties instructed them to do. Both of them were very generous toward the Third World countries while they were in power and they had contributed a lot to repair the damages done by world scientists with diseases in the Third World countries and that also restores the supremacy of America over the world as well...

In these upcoming elections in Haiti, Haitians need to play a wild card before electing any future crook with no political agenda to continue the politics of more of the same. Mirelande Manigat seems to have an economic agenda and Baker I believe has one too. Therefore Haitians should look upon these two leaders to avoid the politics of more of the same. If Haitians elect another populist like Preval and Aristide, they will continue the same politics as usual and Haiti has to wait for me in the next ten years to help it solve its political mess. Good luck Haitians and under Obama's administration, you have a great chance to turn stuffs around.

Good Luck Haiti!

Toulimen, October 31 2010, 3:31 PM

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