Do Not Vote any Lavalas This Time....

Ti Jan Danto - October 24 2010, 4:11 AM

Blind people
It seems somes Hatians have never Utilize their 5 senses when it comes to politics.

Although they have 2 eyes, yet they are blind beyond description, or imagination!What do they see in the Lavalas movement and its offspring " Fanmi Lavalas" to bindly continue to support its member to seek the presidency this November?

Have they seen all the damages this political movement have done to the countryt?

It is well under its leadership or governance that unemployment has almost reached 90%, no economic progress has been registered, the worst financial and natural disasters our beloved Haiti have faced.

Under their very eyes, the country is paralyzed by kidnapping, assassination, drugs, violence of all kind and insecurity have reached a level never experienced in the country even under the leadership of the famously infamous Papa Doc. In short, under the tutelage of the Lavalas Party, our country slipped back and unfortunately it continues to sink further and further into the abyss of despair and misery despite all the money received from the international Community.

Some Haitians, if not the majority of them do not see that these scoundrels did not show any kind of leadership when natural disasters striked; they could not anything, they never have a disater plan which will allow them them to prepare or respond to such calamities brought by the deadly hurricanes, and the fatal event of January 12 which killed more than 230,000 dead, leaving millions injured or homeless and our country in ruin! The Lavalas, eternal disgrace and beggars, are more interested in showing their "Couis" to the international community for collection of assistance; it seems when they go to church, they pray for misfortunes and calamities to keep coming and raining on us allowing them to collect more and therefore continue to live like king at the expenses of the people.Yet, the blind and brainless idiots want to put them back in power in the hope of getting crumbs falling from their tables

These people have no eyes to see that this political party has taken the country hostage and led its people deeper and deeper into misery.

These incompetetnt Lavalas leaders, contrary to the constitution, have dissolved the armed forces, in a single day; by the stroke of a pen, they put 10,000 people to the rank of unemployed having in their hands all kind of weapon, opening the doors to countless murders, kidnappings, and lawlesness.

Frankly, we ought not to pay attention to these demons Lavalas traveling all over the country making promises to the people left on its own for survival.

The members of this party should be banned forever, and banned in the country's political life, they should be imprisoned, beginning with Jean Bertrand Aristide, the supreme representative of Belzebul, the Satan incarnate! Preval, the drunkard, is a "dummy", an idiot like no other, a national disgrace, the most ineffective leader whose name must never be given to any human being.

Anybody associate with them should not get your vote

This time if need say no to Valas
Not to Lavalas.


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