Excuse me, what is the union between Mirlande and Manigat...

Jalamaral - October 19 2010, 7:12 PM

Excuse me, what is the union between Mirlande and Manigat?

What makes you think Mirlande Manigat is colorless and classless?

You said it right, "she has no specific ideology agenda at all" and this is the person that you would like to lead Haiti?

Do not get me wrong, I do like Mrs. Manigat.

I like her even more because she is running for President.

She is giving Haitian Women Hope that, they too, can run for office.

I am all for that.
But, Haiti right now cannot be about gender war. This election cannot be about "I AM WOMAN, LET ME ROAR"!! This election cannot be about "I Need to let my brothers understand".

This election is more about Haiti.

This election is more about patriotism and leadership.

The time is here that Haiti needs every Haitian's participation to make sure that FAIR election is done so that Haiti can have an appropriate Leader.

This election should not be about class and color.

We have tried that theory and practiced it since the birth of Haiti.

We have to admit that system took us nowhere.

Now, if we want to pass on a perfectly good leader, the best that we have among the group because of his skin color; Then, so be it, We will be more than deserving the aftermath and the consequences thereof.

This bipartisanship is getting tiresome and is to the detriment of Haiti.


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