If Obama Was a Black, he would not be the U.S. President

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Remember, some white Americans stated that he was too black and other stated he did not sound like blacks and he was not from the NAACP movement.

To be African American, one must be from African American parents i.e. both of your parents should be blacks.

That what it was before the Obama's election.

Now, whites state this: Once you have one parent White American and another one black, you are African American.

Later, we will have three types of African Americans and the third one will be all the immigrants from the continent of Africa with dark skinned who marry whether blacks or whites.

I like it, for the first African Americans thought and continue to think that they are superior toward other blacks such as Haitians and Africans from Africa.

We will never have a dark skinned African American president and mark it. Biracial blacks and whites are the commanders of the world and the idea of moving dark skinned blacks forward will be only in Haiti and not in America.

Dark skinned blacks needs to educate themselves to understand economic segregation, division, neo-colonialism and the economic backing power to move their country forward.

Remember a good mulatto like Obama can advance the causes of the blacks throughout the world, but we just need to wait and see...

Lherisson, October 19 2010, 8:48 AM

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I always doubted that he was a generic African American, but your posting clarifies it for me. He is a biracial black... read more >
Cenatus Jean Sylvain, 19-Oct-10 4:00 pm


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