Biracial Elites And Whites Will Colonize The World Forever

Dubuisson - October 19 2010, 8:33 AM

As a mulatto myself, I recognize the needs for blacks to develop their country and I acknowledge that my elites are the ones that are destroying and dividing blacks in Haiti.

Some of us are helping some black leaders to bring change for all, but when they come into power they only want to enrich themselves and nothing else. As a mulatto person, I am not free to walk wherever I want in Haiti.

My parents order me to marry mulatto women and segregate myself in the south of Haiti.

I had an affair with a beautiful black woman that I loved to death in Haiti, and my parent sent me to Paris to study just to destroy that relationship.

From Paris, I moved to New York to help Haitians fight the good cause.

Yes slavery still exists in Haiti as well as in many black countries.

I will not deny it, but do not put in your minds that all mulattoes are commanders to serve the interests of the white men. I agree with you that whites give us an edge over blacks, but we want everyone to be free. I will be the new Fidel Castro in this fight in Haiti.

Fidel was a rich man before he got into power in Cuba. He renounced to wealth to liberate all Cubans in Cuba. Without his parents' help, he did liberate Cuba and free all Cubans and I will do the same. It is a question of time, money, strategy and organization ok.

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Demiris Claudel says...

Mulatto or no mulatto, rich or no rich. Charlito Baker has a good Plan for Haiti. He is a visionary and a track-record... more »