Is Mr Baker The Man We Need?

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Any man seeking the presidency should have real life experience, solid education, honesty, integrity, and deep love for Haiti.

We must put aside skin color, last name, or affiliation to a party.

We have our share of experience with people having no understanding of business, people who put a political party, racial reference, class affiliation and class warfare above the national interest.

I have no problem voting for him. Your vote for him should not be based on your disgust or admiration for an individual with dark, brown, or white complexion or birthplace.

It is absolutely ridiculous to vote for someone because of the color of his skin, whether he is from this or that geographical point of the country, whether he is or he was a Macoute, a Lavalas, or any particular political party associate.

We should absolutely know what that individual has accomplished in the past, his education and not where he went to school, his business experience or understanding not if he is a "ti machann" or an "Arabs"...

We the voter must and should listen to each candidate to see if and choose the best person qualified for this enormous, and challenging job which is being the president of a country with so much problem resulting from natural calamities, disasters, illiteracy, corruption, crime and lawlessness.

This president should have an iron fist to implement the mother law, our constitution...

It is time to put in power a person that can bring people together to rebuild the country, not someone making empty promises and pitting one class against another, not someone to hold a "plate" before the international community to shamelessly collect help only. We need someone whose mentality is deeply rooted in our ancestor's motto "freedom or death", a person capable of telling us the truth and not what we would like to hear.
Is Mr Baker such a man?

Ti Malice, October 19 2010, 4:03 AM

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