Stop painting Charles Baker as the future savior that Haiti...

Jj Durand - October 7 2010, 6:19 PM

Stop painting Charles Baker as the future savior
that Haiti wants and needs! Damn it! Have you folks
learned anything at all?

Stop supporting candidates!
They have been the downfalls of Haiti for decades.

Our nation has always been a basket case since the
Duvalier dictatorship.

Let the people make their own
choice! Do not encourage them to choose a specific
candidate! I do not know Baker nor do i know about his
credentials! Nevertheless, the person we trust the most
is the one that might create more mayhem in the island.

As for millions of you out there, please, start seeing
things the way they are now! They are not as good as
they seem. We need to unite and start accepting each
other for who he/she is! Prejudice has always been
a problem in Haiti! Yes, truly! It is all about skin
color, education, connection among other factors.

Then, come jalousy:and voodoo! We rely on those
negativities too much and for too long! The bottom
line is that < GIVE UP THE VOODOOSHIP> and start
helping our people, regardless of their lack of
education, etc. Maybe the sister is right! Baker
might be the right man! All of this propaganda
remains to be seen


that Haiti wants.Damn it! Have you folks learn anything

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