Haiti Elections 2010, Meet The Candidates

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Meet The Candidates, Read what Haitian people are saying about the candidates for president of Haiti

Visit: BelPolitik.com


Who will you vote for?

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Belpolitik, October 7 2010, 3:16 PM

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If loving Haiti and Charles Henry Baker is WRONG, DAMN IT, I do NOT want to be Right!! Baker is the impersonation of... read more >
Marjory Middy, 7-Oct-10 3:51 pm
Stop painting Charles Baker as the future savior that Haiti wants and needs! Damn it! Have you folks learned anything... read more >
Jj Durand, 7-Oct-10 6:19 pm
What kind of software have you guys been using over there? I ended my last message with "HAITI FOR LIFE" Then, i saw a... read more >
Jj Durand, 7-Oct-10 6:39 pm


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