Thank you for bringing that ceremony to life, but Haitians are...

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Thank you for bringing that ceremony to life, but Haitians are so ungrateful specially the economic possessing class that refuses to consider the Voodoo as a true religion of the Haitian masses.

We acquired our Independence through Voodoo and our sovereignty can be only be respected through Voodoo.

Voodoo is not an imported religion in Haiti.

It is local meaning originated from the former Hispaniola's Plantations to serve the needs and the causes of the Haitian masses.

It is the time for Haiti to build a large Voodoo temple in Haiti.

We will be collecting money soon from all Voodoo believers around the world for the fist Voodoo temple built in Haiti as a Pilgrimage Place for all Haitians overseas and in Haiti.

We will be respected again and our land will be respected too. We will call for the end of Zombie's practices in Haiti and we will modernize the Haitian Voodoo to reflect the needs of the Haitian masses.

Voodoo should be a religion of justice, prosperity and freedom to all. Haitians should purify themselves through Voodoo sacred ceremonies and they should be blessed accordingly.

We need the Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah Ati Max Beauvoir to start reforming Voodoo's practices in Haiti through a Voodoo Ritual Code of Conduct for all Voodoo Followers in Haiti and Overseas.

Voodoo should not be a criminal religion and it should be a sacred one like Islam.

All Voodoo practices are found in Islam, Hindouism and Buddhism as well. We should reform the Voodoo and make it reflect the will of the Haitian people.

We need to start cremating dead bodies to end Zombie's practices in Haiti.

Wherever a Haitian person is found with dead body parts on his or her possession, that person should be arrested and brought to justice.

We need to codify the Voodoo rituals by telling the Voodoo priests what is accepted or not within the Voodoo practices.

The Criminal society as known as Champwel should be eliminated in Haiti.

Voodoo followers should be religious and not superstitious or sorcerors.

Those are the kinds of reforms that we are asking the Supreme Voodoo Leader in Haiti to make in order to be known and respected by all other spiritual leaders around the world.

The Great Voodoo Shrine will be built soon and Haitians all over the world will find spiritual rebirth though sacred pilgrimages in Haiti.

The Voodoo Temple will be built soon and Haiti will be another place for all. Ayibobo for Valerio and all Haitians in Haiti and Overseas...

Toulimen, September 24 2010, 7:40 AM

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Toulimen, 24-Sep-10 7:40 am
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Yoly, 24-Sep-10 9:49 am


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