Sweet Mikey get the book of misdeeds throw at him

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This person is a total disgrace for the reputation of Haiti; If you are writing something about this person, you could take advantage of this list of pejoratives that seem to describe his unpredictable behaviors
The following words could be used to describe this person:

Depraved, vile,degenerate, immoral,amoral, unmoral,low-minded, base,vile, disgraceful,improper, incorrigible,unblushing, brazen,misconduct, malum,rascal, foul-mouthed, vulgar,shallow, lousy knave, pervert,indecency, maculacy,loose morals, promiscuity,lasciviousness, lechery,lecherousness, lewdness,salacity, salaciousness,bawdiness, carnality, lustfulness, debauchery,adultery, nymphomania,uteromania, gynecomania, debauch er, seducer,fornicator, drab,philander, intemperate,wild, rakish,vulgar, uncouth,gross, low,gutter, lewd,bawdy, nasty,vile, sultry,salacious, raunchy,scurrilous, foul-mouthed, foul-tongued, foul-spoken, offensive,Fescennine, intemperance,overindulgence, unrestrained, immoderate,indiscipline, excess,crapule, crapulence,licentiousness, debauchery,orgy, wanton,overdo, immoderate,inordinate, unbridled,agitate, disturb,troubled, fly off the handle, rant,agitated, perturbed,disturbed, troubled,boisterous, turbulent,frenzied, beside oneself, amok,berserk, haggard,emotional, excitable,emotionally, deviance, aberance,infamy, ignominy,indecorous, scandalous,,shameless, ignominious,aberrant, profanation, unstable,melodramatic, irascible,irritable, volcanic,eruptive, sans ave, vakabon, malandrin,malpropre, perdition,deseqilibrer,

Moral Director, September 19 2010, 4:39 PM

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You cannot blame him. His mother and father probably could not afford to raise him properly. / read more >
Yanick, 19-Sep-10 9:05 pm
Meszamis coeur moin fait moin male pou pitit li yo. Se yo ki poualler rougit demain avec reputation papayo. Sa... read more >
Pasteur Clement, 19-Sep-10 9:17 pm


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