Duvalier's crime family

Professeur P.f. Rue - September 17 2010, 11:10 PM

Francois Duvalier killed [60,000]sixty thousand Haitians.

We are doing a research about the Duvalier's crime and the Duvalier era.
1-We want to know the demographic of his crime.That is to say how many men, women,adolescent and children he killed.

2-We want to know the victime's names, their ages, profession,last residence and significant other names
3-We want to know the names of the macoutes that killed them.
4-We want to know the approximate date and locations were the victims were arrested or kidnapped if possible the date they were killed.

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Papo says...

Commodore taxi service in brooklyn is a bastion of ancient tonton macoutes.Investigate those guys more »