RE: Initiate A Petition For The Return Of Jean Bertrand Aristide

I Love Haiti Says...

Can you explain to me WHY I should sign a petition for the return of Jean Bertrand Aristide?

Talk to me about the good things Aristide has done for Haiti while he and his friends were in power?

How many millions Aristide took again with him when he was thrown out (kidnapped?) of Haiti?

Besides Lavalas of which initially I believe was a good social movement, what else Aristide has done?

Jean Bertrand Aristide is a Haitian Citizen, he should return to his country whenever he feels like it. He should help, hopefully in a positive manner in a social context.

Aristide should NEVER participates in any shape, form or color in any POLITICAL events.

Jean Bertrand Aristide should also faced litigation in Haiti as to the money he has taken illegally from the Country once he arrived there.

Aristide should also stand trial for other allegations such as murder, kidnapping and money laundering.

Now, if you agree with all the above, I will gladly signed your petition.

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Can You Explain To Me WHY I Should Sign A Petition For The Return Of Jean Bertrand Aristide? Talk To Me About The Good Things Aristide Has Done For Haiti While He And His Friends Were In Power? How Many Millions... I Love Haiti 09/17/2010
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