The Youth In Haiti need to volunteer And Keep Haiti Clean

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I would like to see the young men and women of Haiti come forward to volunteer to clean up their own country.

Students from all the schools and the young people from the police department in Haiti need to volunteer and try to keep the country clean.

Why every thing in Haiti got to be all politic.

We all love Haiti, all of us in the diaspora, we are during our best to send money and supplies to help rebuild the country; however, we need people in Haiti to do their part as well. None of us can afford to cross our arms and wait to see who's coming to save haiti.

We are Haiti.

Therefore, all of us need to do our part as children of Haiti to volunteer to clean up the country street by street.

The government can't do it all, so the private sectors have to help as well. The privates sectors are us the none government employees.

In this era, it is time for us to not only see ourselves, but we need to see our neighbors as well. Long live Haiti.

Yves, September 12 2010, 3:14 PM

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