The Election of the next president

Racine Lemout - August 29 2010, 11:33 AM

I have been watching Haiti for many years from the days Baby Doc and his cohort in crime Michele.

Haiti is a case study in why blacks cant govnern a nation, nor manage their own affairs.

If you were honorable you would turn control over to a capable white leader so that your countrymen can have toilets and decent dwellings and food to eat.

It is IRONIC that no matter what black man is put in charge of running Haiti the Haitian people get the same results!!! You should be ASHAMED!!! But you, like all of the others have no shame!!! You are a RACIST and you are not a man!!!

Where are the billions of $$$ that have been poured into Haiti, many since you have been in office!!! You are a sick to your stomach coward!!! You are black to the core---just look at Africa.

Nothing flourishes under black leadership and sadly Obama is about to destroy America too.

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Guy Comeau says...

You are mistaken. By your trend of thoughts, You, yourself are black. Blanket statements are not valid. Yes there is... more »