It's amazing to read the previous comments, and see that there...

B Andrade - August 25 2010, 9:12 AM

It's amazing to read the previous comments, and see that there are individuals who actually think that this man renè préval and his "gang administration" are doing a good job. You are all under a spell of ignorance, how could anyone of you side with such CRIMINALS.

From duvalier onto préval they have all held Haiti hostage, doing nothing for the population.

Sometimes they say that it's the USA or France that has placed Haiti in such situation, yes France & the USA have a role to play in Haiti's destruction, but the different administration elected in Haiti have a bigger blame to bare concerning Haiti's condition.

The US & France did not and are not forcing préval "NOT" to establish "healthcare, water system, electricy in Haiti.

Those are the primary setting of a country.

No, préval is a dishonest vermine with no compation for his people, I don't count him as an Haitian.

For all this time that he has been in power:
the water system is not established
the electricty system is not established
the garbage system is not established
the healthcare system is not established, specially for the old people and the children.

***Nothing has been done during your time in power, rené préval, "VOUS ÊTES UNE ORDURE DE PREMIERE CLASS AINSI QUE VOS AUTRES CAMARADES."****
rené préval wanted to have access to the 10 billion to be issued to Haiti that is why he tried to stay in power for another 18 months, since that did not work he had to get his son-in-law jude célestin "parti UNITE" so that he could get access to this money.

Before the earthquake you did nothing, and after the earthquake you will do nothing.

You and your party have stolen enough from this country: SO GET THE HELL OUT OF HAITI.

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