haitien bahamien.

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The haitien politic, its about time for the island of haiti have a new face, for example, it need water school electricity, road,hospitals.but my personaly I grew up and cap haitien by these time it was 1980,haiti was so beautifull place to live now it look so trashy because of the haitien goverment.all haitien politicien need to do is work together stop thinking about pleasing your porket, I left haiti since 1995,and I will love to go visit in the right condition.its not about and you.its the new generation coming up.I was born in the bahamas but I grew up in haiti.and I don't see the different to bahamas in haiti.

my people we can do this together.love haiti.

thank you.

Geraldino Labranchy, August 21 2010, 6:04 PM

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