Montresor 2011 acquires the power from all Haitians to be President.

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My fellow Haitians and Friends,

Many of you have asked why I am not on the presidential list of candidates.

First thing I would like for Haitians to know is that there are no strings attached when it comes down to descriptive decisions.

Knowing my limits in the Constitution was a great part of constructive basis to avoid "Face A Face" failures from the CEP such as Wyclef Jean.

I've examined, studied our Constitutional rights from the Constitution and based on that I've decided to go directly to the President and the Haitian people so as it turnout I was absolutely right because few months later parliaments power expired and only the president and Haitian people has the power to decide a waiver for my Presidential bid.

Since we now have a list of all candidates and President Preval failed to announce a waiver in my favor as candidate therefore you're now the last option in continuing to pledge on my behalf the demands for justice with urgency and diligent as we purpose to win this race against the odds.

Thank you,

God bless!

Michael M. Delasse
Haiti's next President in 2011

Montresor2011 at

Montresor 2011, August 21 2010, 2:23 PM

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