I Saw It Comming, Wyclef Jean is Out!

Tiba - August 21 2010, 12:37 PM

I saw it coming 10,000 miles away long before Wyclef submitted his credentials papers to the House Slave Uncle Tom Organization known as the CEP (Conceille Electoral Provisoire).

As usual, once again, the Master won!

These House Slave Uncle Toms in Haiti have for mission to please and satisfy the master in Washignton, DC.

There were supposed to make the list of the candidates public Tuesday 17, but was forced to postpone the publication for August 20th because the Master wasn't too happy with something about the list.

After intense talk of back and forth between the master and and few from the Most Repugnant Elite (MRE), they were finally agreed to keep Wyclef of the list and end cold turkey his candidacy for president.

These Haitian traitors who vowed to destroy what's left of Haiti for a buck or 2, knew very well that Wyclef Jean would have been the next president and were afraid that he could and would probably, in fact, do something positive for Haiti and for the Haitian people.

But most importantly, the master was afraid that Wycleft might just get Haiti out of the bigging and the charity shameful systems and finally restore some kind of pride and pride into the Haitian society.

I hope the Haitian people will put a rope in Preval's neck on February 7, 2011 and tie him up to a mango tree to be judged and hanged to his death for all of his crime against Haiti and the Haitian people.

May his sould rot in hell!

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