Meeting with Wyclef

Rt - August 20 2010, 8:27 PM

I read with great sadness the account of your meeting with Wyclef Jean yesterday (Thursday).

I know that you may be trying your best to show the international community that you are governing.

However, you need to realize that Wyclef as president is not what Haiti needs right now. It is clear that Wyclef does not have the maturity to handle the presidency based on the different interviews he has given so far. Your government has been criticized for a lot of stuffs, right or wrong.

But history will not serve you right if you help in making Wyclef the next president.

You should not do it even if all donors who have pledged money for the reconstruction of Haiti beg you to do so. By pushing Wyclef, you are contributing in prolonging the misery that our people have suffered for the past 200+ years.

Mr. President, please appeal to your better sense and run away from Wyclef...


A proud Haitian-American citizen.

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