This is my point! Jacques Edouard Alexis was ousted as prime...

Tiba - August 18 2010, 12:59 PM

This is my point!

Jacques Edouard Alexis was ousted as prime minister for incompetence and mediocrity, and yet, Haitians would elect him as president?

Can someone please explain that kk mimi bull crap argument/logic to me?

Jacque Edouard Alexis was too incompetent and mediocre to be prime minister, and therefore, the Haitian parliament got rid of him.

And now, Jacques Edouard Alexis is well competent and experienced to be president of Haiti.

Does that mean the job of the president is lots easier than the one of the prime minister?

But again, an incompetent nation/people breaths incompetence and mediocrity.

And that nation/people can only produce incompetence and mediocrity in its midst.

The Haitian people is the living proof of that reality.

Oh, Lord! please help us! and
Please Lord have mercy on the Haitian people for they don't know what they're doing.


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