Lion, Very good point you made, and I agree with you 150%...

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Very good point you made, and I agree with you 150%.

Unfortunately, in talking about education level as the key element for a candidate to make a good, successful, and progressive president/government is what that gets me fuming.

If you pay a closer look around this debate, majority of the bloggers accentuate their rejection of Wyclef for president solely on education, and I'm saying it is naive, moronic, ignorance, and purely idiotic for anyone to think that way, but again this is typical Haitian mentality.

Haitian always elect presidents/candidates base on how much French the candidate can speak, what family the candidate is from, what part in P-A-P the candidate lives in, and how dark or how light the candidate's skin is.

My argument is that history has shown that none of these kind of presidents/candidates/governments have ever done anything for Haiti and its people, but the opposite is true.

Nontheless, lett's be fair to Wyclef by looking at the other candidates as well, shall we?

In the big pile and long list of the candidates for president in Haiti, Wyclef is NOT the only one with no political experience and college degree.

Although it has been reported that Wyclef had attended Berkley College of Music, and no one can go to college without graduating high school or having a GED first, not in this country.

So far, Wyclef is the only one that everybody assumes not to have a college degree, and no one knows for sure about the education level of the other candidates.

Looking at the list, we all can agree that Bellerive and Jacques-Edward Alexis, and Mireille Manigat are the only 3 capable to claim having political experience, but they are also the 3 most incompetent and mediocre politicians ever in Haiti's history.

Remember that Bellerive is the current prime minister and assumed to be educated.

What has he done for Haiti since he became prime minister that he could claim to be his biggest achievement?

Nothing! nada! absolument rien! Did you know he (Bellerives) was nowhere to be found during the earthquake?

Wyclef was there.

Take a look at Jacques-Edward Alexis who was prime minister and assumed to be well educated, what did he do for Haiti that he could claim as his biggest achievement?

Nothing! nada! absolument rien! in fact, Jacques-Edward Alexis was fired/got kicked out of the prime minister post by the parliament for his abvious incompetence and mediocrity.

Mireille Manigat (the wife of Leslie Manigat) was elected to the senate in 2006 fair and square.

Her husband, Leslie Manigat, who was then a presidential candidate, lost the election to Preval.

Because he was so pissed off for loosing, he ordered his wife, Mireille Manigat, to give up her seat not to swear in. And she did what she was ordered to do by her husband.

She gave up her seat. It was the biggest shameful disgrace in Haitian politics.

She proved that she has no back bones, no character, and certainly no trust to be president and no government post of any kind whatsoever.

Are these the same candidates Haitians want to elect president in Haiti because they have college education and they can speak French, Spanish, English, Latin, Chinese, and creole?

What is Michel Marthely (Sweet Miky) education level?

What is his political experience?

The same goes for the rest of the candidates on list.

So far, Wyclef is the only one who shows willingness and the strengths to move Haiti forward.

But again, in all faireness, no one is a candidate yet until the CEP declaration, and therefore, I don't think Wyclef has the legitimate rights and authority to talk about his short-term and long-term plans for Haiti yet until he gets the okay from the CEP that he is a cadidate.

Tiba, August 18 2010, 8:40 AM

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Lion, Very good point you made, and I agree with you 150%. Unfortunately, in talking about education level as the key... read more >
Tiba, 18-Aug-10 8:40 am
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