We are really going down the drain if we have to start making...

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We are really going down the drain if we have to start making choices between educated and non-educated president.

So far Wyclef has no solid plan that he can talk of, he has no political experience, and apparently no solid education either.

So what makes him so great for Haiti?

I am so saying that he should not be giving a chance, what I am saying is that it is such a shame that after over 200 years of independence we have to consider Wyclef for a potential president.

Understand that all the leaders we are refering to as not being educated was not dealing with a country as complex as Haiti and they certainly are not running for presidency un-educated in 2010. That should raise the question why Wyclef is not more educated, his dad is a pastor in NJ, and I am pretty sure they would not have minded sending him to college if he wanted to. So was his parent too poor to send him to college?

Did he graduate High School?

We are all talking about Wyclef Jean, but aside from being a star and the founder of Yele, what else do we know about him. It seems to me, there must be a character flaw somewhere, he keep comparing himself to people that have degrees all over the place, and cannot say where he left his, if he has any. No I do not believe you rely only on your education, but he sure would not hurt for the next president to have some. It's time we start asking the hard questions, not only to Wyclef, but to all these so called qualified candidates.

When you go to a job interview, they ask you for your resume which has to have your education on it, so why should it be any different for a president which is the highest job in the country.

Lion, August 17 2010, 11:41 PM

Topic: Wyclef Jean - Stanley Lucas: Bad choice for Haiti

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We are really going down the drain if we have to start making choices between educated and non-educated president. So... read more >
Lion, 17-Aug-10 11:41 pm
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Tiba, 18-Aug-10 8:40 am
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