Rapper Wyclef Jean seeks dual citizenship, etc.

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I am posting this message around noon on Sun., Aug.15, 2010 and at Yahoo website & yahoo news there is article Rapper Wyclef Jean wants dual citizenship for Haitians and an eight (8) member provisional electoral council must yet decide if Jean can even run for President because the outdated Haitian Constitution says presidents must have lived in Haiti 5 consective years before entering the election as candiate.

I see now why my Haitian friend is recommending action NOW and not to wait for any election and his views are same as mine to all those who said I couldn't run because I wasn't a Haitian citizen.

Even if Wyclef is elected his idea of business somehow saving Haiti is not a good policy as it will take years to even rebuild what the earthquake tore apart and will leave Haiti deeply in debt. Someone here had suggested I run because of my years living and working in Haiti during the 1980s and being pilot for former Air Haiti and then came all the objections and nasty comments which will also come if rapper Wyclef Jean is elected because this man has an income 13,000 times greater than the average Haitian so it want take long before the constant attacks against him begin even as predicted in one of his songs that he would be elected on a Friday, shot on Saturday and be buried on Sunday! Let us all consider to follow another Haiti who has the education and the U.S. trained military experience to lead the country and he has called for action NOW and not to wait for the elections.

Policies are the solution for Haiti and, as I have said all along, Haiti needs to adopt the old U.S. policy of "Manifest Destiny" which said, if effect, it was "manifest destiny" (Gods will) that the U.S. would expand from coast to coast never mind taking land from the Indians and Mexicans in the process! Once this policy is applied to situation in Haiti and expansion begins the "resorts" are there for the taking but a good Haitian military is the first step along with rebuilding the country.

Wyclef Jean says all can return including a certain President but he didn't mention Baby Doc! I was glad to hear its O.K. for me to return too! Don't look for some individual no matter how popular to save Haiti.

It is the POLICIES that Haiti adopts that will save the country.

Business is not the answer as in U.S. there is extended recession with 17+ million unemployed, 30 million are homeless and there is growing opposition to companies going overseas like to Haiti for cheaper labor.

So the business is just not coming to Haiti in the near future and its time to face up to that fact. In some countries when an earthquake hits there is "business" in the rebuilding process but this will not likely benefit Haiti as it doesn't have the money to pay for it so it will mean a huge debt for the nation.

We should thank God Haiti will have a new leader taking action before the election who has U.S. military training and is vet of Iraqi Freedom movement and will know how to accomplish these objectives without all this talk, talk and constantly cutting down whoever is President which is a meaningless position in Haiti as Haiti now exists.

Earl, August 15 2010, 11:17 AM

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