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Hi patriyot,

I want to start by asking you a question :

Do you think the Haitian government really cares about the diaspora?

I, for one, am not saying that it does not, but its actions leave a lot to be desired.

You must have heard members of this actual government claim, ever so loudly, that the diaspora's contribution to the Haitian economy is more than all the financial help received from "our friends".

This said, shouldn't all the requirements, suggestions of the diaspora be looked at, worked on, and if possible, satisfied?

As you well know, one of these requirements is the "double nationalite" affair.

Since you say that the government is reading what we write, i'll take the liberty of asking that question:

When will we finally have this subject brought to the Parlement for a vote?

Remember this concern all of us, naturalized or not.

Why do i say that it is our concern all, because we need to find out once and for all whether this government takes into account our concerns, our needs, and above all, will we be regarded as "foreigners" in the political process of our country; although we are carrying the country's economic burden.

Personally, i think it is only fair that we are fixed.

Let President Preval take the matter off his hands, and leave it to Parlement to decide our fate.


Adhbriz, August 15 2006, 11:28 AM

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