What is a deception?

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It is quite clear to a minority of clairvoyant haitians that historically there were two great presidents in all of our history:Nissage Saget and Dumarsais Estime.For a long time after the dictature of Duvalier I was hoping to live long enough to see the third one. I thought whenever someone has a second chance there is always a tendency to make the best of it, base on what I observe so far this government like many others is about to miss the train.What is a shame.?

I sympathize with many people who like this country, but this nation like many black nations go down the drain.

If we look at some so called politicians in Africa, they are not different from those we had and currently have in Haiti.

I am sorry there are many who have brain in this planet and with all due respect it is ironic that some people show a complete disregard with respect to the posterity; maybe I am idiot for thinking that way or I should be just like them a selfish conard that may require a psychiatric evaluation.

IN every serious nation taxations and jobs creating are keys to economic growth, wake up stop kidding yourself.You can not rely on the outside to to adjust your national budget.

If this government can not afford an expert they can watch Lou Dobbs on CNN they probably learn something at least.

We, haitians always bragging about being the first black nations, stop that non sense move forward, you can not talk about the future of a nation if you don't invest in young people education.

Dumarsais Estime did understand and the last generation of educators and scientists we had was his products.

I hope that I don't offend anyone, however I hate to think and say that, the way this country is going, for the next twenty five years, for the haitian dying should be a privilege.

Jimmy, July 2 2007, 4:24 PM

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