Mary Derricotte, Please calm down for a minute before you blow...

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Mary Derricotte,

Please calm down for a minute before you blow a gasket.

We all know that Barak Obama is an Harvard educated lawyer and a former law professor at Harvard as well. I want you to know that I voted for him too without a second guess.

Oh, by the way, I am too a college graduate, but who sees the world differently.

Please try to come down to earth and put all the emotion aside for a minute so you can understand my argument and where I'm coming from, shall we?

1) You must present hard evidence that shows/poves only college graduates can and are capable to become competent progressive leaders.

2) Barak Obama was NOT a politician just because he was a community organizer.

He became a politician when he got elected for the first time to the Illinois state assembly.

I am too a community organizer but I am NOT a politician yet until I get elected to a public office.

3) Dispite of President Barak Obama being an Harvard graduate lawyer, his approval rating of his job performance is at only 41% while 51% of the population is very disastified.

His competence as president has been under fire for sometime now. Will he get a second term?

The jury is out! you can learn right there being a well educated doesn't make you a great president.

You said, "Now, the only thing that you are telling me is that the highest office in the land can be run by a incompitant person as long as he passes standards that so low." Well that is a false assumption statement in your part since Wyclef never held public office before, therefore, no one knows for sure of his competence capability.

You also said "The elections in Haiti need to put on hold, and the United Nations need to run this countries economics until this crisis passes.Low qualifications only mean low product." That my dear, I am in 500% agrement with you. I don't think there is a need to hold elections in Haiti anytime soon, at least not right now. However, this is what the master wants and the house slave must obey even if it is to the detriment of the country.

The master has made it clear already to the house slave there must be election before they would give a cent to Haiti.

And therefore, according to the old saying "Extreme situation calls for extreme measure" and so come elections in November 2010.

Finally, you said, "So from your writing, you could care less about The improtance of a educated person." No, I did not say that. I said that education does not translate into competence, wisdom and the know-how.

I had given you hard evidence of progressive leaders with low education levels who had accomplished great things for their countries.

They have lifted their countrie from ashes to wealth through their leadership, wisdom and the know-how.

Please it is now your turn to provide me with hard evidence of leaders who did the same thing solely base on their high college level education.

Apparently you don't know the history of Haiti.

And therefore, let me tell you that, in the past, the most progressive leaders of Haiti happened to be the ones with low education levels (primary/elementary education).

For example, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Antoine Simon, etc...

Please understand that I am NOT advocating to have only those with low or no education to govern Haiti because they are more likely the ones to do more for Haiti in any shape and form whatsoever.

All I am saying is that education is NOT and must NOT be considered as the primary element to qualify someone to public office because we have overwhelming evidence of that around the world, but mostly in Haiti.

I rather have Wyclef with low education governing Haiti because he is more likely to do something good for Haiti instead of having a Harvard graduate that is going to speak only French, English, and Spanish to the people all day long and while letting the people starve with no hope and opportunity.

So far, my support go for Wyclef Jean 500%.

This is my story and I'm sticken to it (smile).

Tiba, August 8 2010, 11:37 AM

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