The Return of Mr Jean Bertrand Aristide

Ronald Guillaume - July 2 2007, 12:06 PM

Dear Excellence,

How long will that take for the Haitian People to live above these lies, bluff and"sousou" from Governments, Organisations,Associations, Institutions.And Caricom.What are they preparing now against the Haitian People.Are you incapable to do it.Are they as well incapable to do so again.

United Nations, to bring back Mr Jean Bertrand to his home Country where He was born and raised with his brothers and sisters, Haitians.

Mr president, I do know that you have a very good sense of jugment and a high level of Education to judge and to decide so, do it.

I, personally will do it and do it again.

Mr Jean Bertrand Aristide must return to his Home Country, to invest his full energy and intellectual views with the Haitian people.please, what are the obtacles, who said so.

Cordially Yours

Ronald Guillaume

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Llyod says...

To the eyes of the oppressors,Mr.King,MalcolmX,were troublemakers,Mr.Sharpton,Farrakan,Aristide,Mugabi,Chavez etc are... more »

Llyod says...

I just want to rectify my mistakes,i'm sorry that i didn't read my post."It's easy to know our leaders.Mr.Aristide has... more »

Franck says...

Guillaume mwen respekte revandikasyon-w. Men saki pi enpotan, nou te vote senate yo, ki genyen plis pouvwa pou fe e... more »

Dasny says...

Hi my name is Dasny, I live in germany.So, I´m intrust about your e-mail you write.It´s very good what you say.It´s... more »

Gimar says...

hey aristide had is chances.....and he can you be succesful when you divide people? hey he did... more »

Ronald Guillaume says...

Well, Tell me what are the chances that he had and why he needed to govern with chances to help his 67 % voters in... more »

Gimar says...

..he was dividing the are a president for all people now only a certain group....i think you... more »

Brother L.k. says...

Aristide was nothing more than a little weak restavek, uncle tom, oppurtunist, murderous, bastard. He used the words... more »

Herrn Dakar says...

Brither K, I am by no mean a supporter of Aristide but in good conscience I can not back a group of bloodthirsty... more »

Ronald Guillaume says...

You're in contradiction with yourself please,don't take with you. more »

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