My! my! my! you people are unbelievable! Giving a closer...

Tiba - August 7 2010, 9:55 PM

My! my! my! you people are unbelievable!
Giving a closer attention, I can hear the sound of envy and jealousy in your voices for the man.

First, Majorie, as a journalist why don't you run for president too, after all, you do have a college education, don't you?

Second, listening to all three of you, I must inform you that the caveman is laughing at all three of you.

Let me say this in all faireness, knowing the country I was born in, grew up in, and that I love so much like everyone else, anyone can govern Haiti and that person does not need to be a genius.

Like I said it a million times before, the caveman or the monkeys doing flip-flopping on the trees in African jungles can govern Haiti 100 times better than those buffoons currently in power.

"Now, more than ever, Haiti needs a highly educated and experienced technocrat who understands the intricacies of governing and diplomacy." (Majorie).

Are you kidding me?

WOW! that is a part of your statements that makes the caveman and the monkeys laughing so hard.

Isn't it true Preval went to college abroad even though nobody knows exactly his level of education?

Isn't true Preval's entire cabinet is college educated and speak at least 2 foreign languages other than Creole?

Isn't true Preval was prime minister the first time and president of Haiti twice?

Many of previous Governments were too well educated and spoke at least 2 foreign languages other than Creole.

Can you tell us what all those well educated governments has ever done for Haiti?

If you can't tell us about any of big achievements those well educated presidents/governments have done for Haiti, then you know well that you argument is bogus and hogwashed.

Leadership, wisdom, and know-how were and are still the problems of Haiti and not lack of or the absence of education and speaking foreign 2, 3, 4, foreign languages other than Creole.

And the amazing true about it is that a person doesn't need to have a college education to provide leadership, wisdom, and the know-how. I know quite a few world leaders with very little education who have done great things for their countries.

One of them was the late Shar of Saudi Arabia who died 3 years ago. He only had an elementary education, 7th grade.

A president only needs to have talented and competent advisors to give him good directions.

Unfortunately, Haitians in general do have big problem with others telling them what to do unless, of course, they are being told by white people.


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