Mary Derricotte, There is nowhere in the Haitian constitution...

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Mary Derricotte,

There is nowhere in the Haitian constitution that excludes singers, artist, actors, uneducated, poor, etc. from running for president.

The constitution ONLY requires that one must be Haitian and never renounced to his/her nationality, be 35 years old, be a home owner (which is dumb and stupid to me), live in the country for 5 consecutive years.

In case the case of Wyclef Jean, he is:

1) Haitian citizen never renounced to his nationality.

2) he is 40 years old mor than what required by the constitution.

3) he has property in Haiti (home owner) "Yele Haiti."
6) No, he has not lived physically in Haiti for 5 consecutive years, but how could he. He was hand picked by President Preval to be Haiti's goodwill ambassador.

He could not live in Haiti for 5 long consecutive years if he wants to fulfill his goals and objectives as a goodwill ambassador.

Where does it say and who says a person has to be or gotta be a politician in order to run a counry.

If that was the case, most countries in the world would never have a government.

Now, here are a few facts you need to know and understand about politics.

1) Let's take a look at the United States government.

There were a few presidents from the entertainment business who have occupied the White House and both houses of the US-Congress like: Ronald Reagan an actor from Hollywood.

Arnold Schwazeneger, Califonia's governor (actor from Hollywood), Al Franken sitting senator from Minnisota (comedian), and I could go on and one.

Barak Obama, the president of the United States, is not an economist.

There is No room here for double standards.

Looking closely at Wyclef and the other 61 presidential candidates.

Wyclef Jean is the youngest amongst them which Haiti needs, young blood with new ideas.

Wyclef is the wealthiest, most influential, most known/recognized around the world, and more popular among the poor in Haiti.

Wyclef Jean has done more for his country, Haiti, than all of the other 61 candidates put together, etc...

Ms. Derricotte, stealing is never going to end in Haiti regardless of the government in power and I am in peace with that. I care only about who can really help Haiti and move Haiti forward, and I am ready to bet on Wyclef.

Oh, I almost forgot! Ms. Dorricotte remember this for as long as you live, Noone is a politician until that person gets elected to a public office for a first time. A person can have a major in political science, still that doesn't make him/her a politician.

Haiti needs a government made up of young people only with new ideas.

There are too many senior citizens in the Haitian government.

They need to retire and move into a nursing home.

Tiba, August 7 2010, 8:32 PM

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