What´s going on in Haiti!?

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I´m Richenel Dasny and I live in Germany.Last two weeks ago I was in Haiti.So, what I hear and what I see was terrible!
For example, no Haitiens can go in other country to do what the United Nations soldiers do.

-They go in the the plantage, eat what the haitienn people have and after nobody have to talk about this.
-They eat for example kabrite and nobody can say "bè".

-They go and make sex to young girls and they make them pregnant and they fly back to there country.

Please, tell me what´s that?

That´s something everybody have to know about !

I think we are not a slave anymore! Please do something for this.
I´m Haitienn too, that´s hurt me.
So, you have to do something for this. I think they are there for security and not to disrespect us!!!


If you find my E-Mail, please write back, because my wife is a German and she is a big help in Haiti.


Richenel Dasny, July 1 2007, 1:11 PM

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