Haiti and India Have Promoted Women To The Rank of President

Toulimen - August 3 2010, 12:39 PM

Since July 25, 2007, her Excellence Madam Pratibha Patel became the president of India and the country changed its face completely.

This makes me remember the courageous lady president in Haiti, her Excellence Madam Ertha Pascal Trouillot who had given us free and democratic elections to replace the Duvalierist perpetual reign, but unfortunately Aristide himself was more Duvalierist than the Duvaliers in acts and actions in reference to his governance mode. Many people state that Preval is a centrist who knows how to combine Duvalierist and Lavalasist elements to govern Haiti while making his way out through this tandem "Nager Pour Sortir" litteraly translated into "Swam or Sunk".

Haiti needs to do more to promote women in politics if they want their country to change like America, Germany, Liberia and India to name a few. America is imitating the rest of the world too, for we have 9 women governor candidates for the next November 2010 elections.

Who knows, for the next decade we might have a woman Vice President or a woman president after Obama.

Let's hope and see!

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