We have to prioritize

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Implying that some of us were brain-washed by the American way of life is insulting and hence my assertive response.

We have been independent for 200 years on paper.

No where did i say that we should depend on the US or any other country.

I'm saying that we need to prioritize.

We need to solve the most pressing issues first.

The army is important, it needs to be re-established, but we have to get the police force on its feet first before we can work on an army. We're still struggling to create a competent police force.

I'm sure there are some haitians who think they're incapable of doing anything by themselves but i assure i don't fall within that category.

Our forefathers made noble sacrifices for our freedom but along the way we've stumbled.

We need to learn from our mistakes and start making wise decisions that will insure a better Haiti.

Mark, June 30 2007, 11:49 PM

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Lloyd, 30-Jun-07 10:39 pm
Implying that some of us were brain-washed by the American way of life is insulting and hence my assertive response... read more >
Mark, 30-Jun-07 11:49 pm
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