Toulimen, I perfectly understand where you're coming from and...

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I perfectly understand where you're coming from and I partly agree with you. However, let's not get over our head with this "socio-capitalist" market system.

Let's not jump to the gun yet and claim it as "The" best market system in the world.

While it sounds like a good thing a nice concept, but it has its down side too due to its complication in context.

You keep using the Canada's model a lot, but you failed to mention whether or not this "Socio-Capitalist" system is being practiced/adopted all over the country equally.

If you see it as being practicing in all of the 50 states but differently, it is due to the fact that the US constitution gives great deal of autonomy to each state to determine thei own destiny and that is why the US economic system is so infested with inequality, injustice and desparity.

The socio-capitalist market system's philosophy is about closing the gap by giving equal access to all with justice and hope.

And frankly, I don't see a so complicated market system being adopted in Haiti.

Let's face it, if the Haitian government is having so much difficulty understanding and adopting weither a capitalist or a socialist, which are the simplest systems on the plnet, where would they get the brain power to understand the concept of a "socio-capitalist" system, which is a so complicated market system?

Toulimen, please understand that I am Not voicing my opinion in support nor against of socialist, capitalist, and let alone socio-capitalist system.

I am only weighing both side of the isle by pointing out the pros and cons in all of these different market systems.

My position, frankly, is in support of the market system that would suit and serve Haiti better.

Tiba, August 3 2010, 8:36 AM

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