It exactly describes what we argued earlier. We need good...

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It exactly describes what we argued earlier.

We need good governance and regulations to control the Haitian market.

In the United States, the U.S. government has a share of 5% where the market is regulated by the private sector at 95% and I will not imitate such a market.

The private sector has too much share in the U.S. market and it weakens the Federal Government.

We do not need to imitate the United States Federal Government capitalistic model.

Remember, the reason it is like that they have a Federalism system which gives more power to the states and the latter opt for their own capitalistic model.

To understand the United States economy, one has to look through all of the U.S. 50 states the kind of market economy they share between themselves and along with other non U.S. states around the world.

The United States Economic system is very complicated although they claim to be a capitalistic country.

They let others believe the whole United States is capitalist and it is a BS. The same way they proclaim this country to be a Christian nation which is not true and Haiti is more Christianized than the United States and the latter is very far to be a Christian country.

Socio-capitalism is the best of all economic systems around the world.

What Canada did in the 1990s they started with a 50/50 market shared model and by 1994 they allow the private sector under strong rules and regulations to have 65% of share whereas the government owns a share of 35%.

In the Canadian socio-capitalistic market, the government can seize or take over any private institution that fails to govern by the rules.

It is a tough economy there and the government is accountable to its citizens where public and private sectors watch over each other.

They compete for better goods and services and they denounce any socio-injustices that occur withim the Canadian economic system's boundaries.

Can we do that?

Yes. If we allow ourselves good governance and regulations through a unified Haitian vision we can become again the pearl of the Antilles.

Good job for researching it. Let's have all open debates so we can prevent others from using this blog for inflamatory claims as well as obscenity claims too. Thank you for your time and take care!

Toulimen, August 2 2010, 9:06 PM

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