Tiba, with all due respect you have a narrowed view of what a...

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Tiba, with all due respect you have a narrowed view of what a capitalistic system entails in the world.

We never have a capitalistic system runing in Haiti.

The latter is running an old inherited Feudalism system from Europe in a Corporate Globalized Economy which will leave no room for us you to breathe or escape.

Under the Roman Club and the G5 and G20 countries, you will be absorbed Tiba if you offer any resistance whatsoever.

Have you ever lived in Canada?

I lived there for 7 years of my life and I can inform you about their economic system.

Canada was a socialist country before 1990 and it has changed its system since 1994 to a socio-capiatalistic one to avoid being ignored by the global economy as started with Bill Clinton.

The Canadian government owns 35% share of all Canada's resources whereas the private sector owns 65% and that has been done within the past two decades.

Tiba, you may disagree with me based on your educational background on this point.

I repeat it Fair Capitalistic system as a market economy if well managed is the best ever system in the world.

Although I prefer socio-capitalism due to the fact I do not trust a private sector to own 100% share of economic resources of a country, but I respect Fair Capitalism and not Capitalism per se. Tiba, the United States is very far to represent a Fair Capitalistic country.

The United States does not have only one system called Capitalism in its market economy.

With the brainwashing through lies they let you believe the Rough Capitalism system as practiced on the West Coast and the East Coast of the U.S. is good and many of us hate the U.S. capitalism system.

The United States is running several models of capitalism market economy and it depends where you live in the U.S.you may experience it different.

The Central States in the United States are socio-capitalistic states and they operate very well (Whites dominated states where people are experiencing good standards of living).

Those whites love their countries so much and they like the slaves from the East and the West Coasts of the United States to work hard to guarantee their living.

With racist label, blacks will not take chance like me to live among them. I have lived in Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania and none of those states is running a capitalism market economy and they are all socio-capitalistic states.

Obama came from Illinois and he knows what it takes to have a socio-capitalistic country running here in the U.S. and they want him out of power soon. In those states people are paying $500 to $700 mortgage for a big mansion where on the East or the West it is the price for a simple studio or a small one bedroom apartment.

Tiba, the United Sates is a beautiful country for people like me that does not go by hearsays and I love it. My eyes and experiences make me love more the United States.

It is a beautiful country after all.

Tiba, corruption is everywhere and it is within human nature, but if you have good governance to hold people accountable you can run any system or a socio-capitalistic one. It is the best of all economic systems in the world as experienced by Canada, Parts of the United States and the 10 most advanced European countries.

It is the dream of the Liberal Left in the United States to have a socio-capitalistic country running in the U.S.to apease suffering not eliminate it, but the conservatives will not let that happen.

Russia, Venezuela, North Korea, China and India are gearing toward Socio-Capitalism.

Tiba, be more open minded, a centralized Fedualistic government as it has been for over 200 years in Haiti cannot work in a Global Corporate World of today.

We do not produce anything and we cannot escape this strong world unless we accept poverty as a normal fact of life. We can do better and we can have a better country if we know how to redistribute resources and allow the government to have a larger share like Canada and others.

Listen, Canada is not anymore a socialist country ok. I hope I clarify my points and answer your questions as being raised in your last posting.

Tiba, we need good governance and accountability system modes to occur in Haiti.

Haitian CEO's managers got F grade for their management of Haiti's economic resources and that is why we are the poorest country on earth.

Yes, Tiba, we can run a socio-capitalistic government in Haiti.

We need to have a good reform economic agenda to do it and money is available within the world once they want to punish us we will kick them out and we will not owe them a single penny.

We need to grab our share in those owned stolen resources of this Corporate Globalized world of the strongest countries.

We can and we will do it ok...

Toulimen, August 2 2010, 2:37 PM

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