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You and I usually agree on a few issues, but with all due respect, you're wrong on this one. Your suggestion/argument is lack of consistency.

First, what is a "socio-capitalist country?"

Last time I checked, Haiti was and has always been running under a "Capitalist system", the copycat of the US system, and that's why Haiti is so poor.

The United States is the only developed/industrialized country functioning under a capitalist systems and this is why only 5% of the American society controls the wealth and the middle class is strunggling to survive while the lower class is growing in poverity.

This is what's called "socio-inequality and "social injustice" which is the effect of capitalist system.

You cannot have both systems running simultaneously.

It must be one or the other.

Either you support a "socialist system in Haiti or you are in support to maintain the capitalist system that has been in Haiti since the beginning of time.

Please don't try to confuse "Communism (communist) and Democracy (democratic) which both define the form of government or a system government.

In a communist system, the government usually comes to power by force, and the president makes all the decisions by decree without any consultation with a parliament, etc...

In a democratic system, however, the government gets elected by the people and the president does not pass/make laws. The president opperates in close consultation with the parliament/senate, etc. etc...

Socialism (socialst) system and capitalism (capitalist) system define how the economy runs and how the government provides social services to their citizens/people.

For example, in a socialist society most or all services are provided to the citizens by the government free of charge whether you can afford it or not. In a socialist society like Canada, England, etc...

everybody has access to health care equally free of charge whether you can afford it or not. In the Netherland for example, ALL social services are free to all people whether is health care, public transportation, college and university, etc...and that is why Netherland is the happiest country on the planet and live the longest.

Capitalism (capitalist) system, on the other hand, where US comes in, everybody is struggling to live because you have to pay for everything.

If you go to the hospital for a bursted bladder and you have no insurance then you are trapped with a hospital bill worth thousands of dollars.

You want to go to college and you have no money then you got buried in student loans in the thousands of dollars that you may have to pay back for the rest of your life. Look at the rampant poverity in US because of its capitalist system.

Capitalism benefits only a very small percentage of the population and there is no equality.

Contrary to your statement, government is always the biggest employer in any country, rich or poor. US-government is the biggest employer in this country.

Beside collecting taxes, the US government depends also on its enterprises to survive.

While privatization may sound nice and good, but it is purely politically correcness propaganda and a false allusion.

Privatization doesn't work. It doesn't really create any more jobs than when it was owned by the government.

In fact, Minoterie and Cement D'Haiti had employed more workers when they were owned by the government than now. Private sector is about employing the less number of workers for the highest profit.

By-the-way, all of these government enterprises that went private are not in operation and have never been since their purchase.

The new owners deliberately keep them closed to keep Haitians out of work. So, tell me where and how privatization is good for Haiti?

Because there isn't a taxsation system in Haiti, and now the government doesn't own anything anymore to bring revenues, so therefore, the government is now sitting/standing on street corners with a plate in hand begging motorists for a buck or 2 to survive.

Tiba, August 2 2010, 1:03 PM

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