Haiti Should Be A Socio-Capitalistic Country....

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Central government with state run enterprises is an old fashioned economic style to run a country.

The dreamers of central government in Haiti are communists.

We do not need any communistic ideas to run Haiti.

The next government should privatize 95% of all Haiti's institutions to end corruption and poverty in Haiti.

The state of Haiti should renounce to the idea of being the biggest employer in Haiti.

The next government should strength the private sector and provide subsidies money as incentives to create jobs to help all Haitians.

The state of Haiti should run and modernize certain programs such as roads, postal offices, medicare for the elderly, uemployment office and a social security system like many developed countries around the world.

The state of Haiti needs to retrain all communists and make them understand that Haiti's central government needs to end for job creation to occur in Haiti.

Therefore, privatization is the number one solution to solve all Haiti's socioeconomic ills. This is a corporate globalized world and there will be no escape plan for all who want central government in Haiti.

We are lazy and we do not produce anything.

We are the most consummers ever therefore let the producers that others called the Masters come to help us. They are your masters and they will be your masters for ever unless you produce stuffs to help yourself.

Privatization is the solution to end poverty and lazyness in Haiti.

Those who are against privatization are on welfare and they do not like to work hard to make it happen.

They are beggars and they work under the table as cab drivers to escape taxes.

Welfare recipients are against privatization and they are lazy beggars...and liars too

Toulimen, August 2 2010, 10:10 AM

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