Pizou, "You are one of the most idiots and competents on...

Tiba - August 2 2010, 6:47 AM


"You are one of the most idiots and competents on this blog."
Which is which?

Am I an idiot or am I the most competent on this blog?

But again how can I be the idiot of all idiots and be the most competent at the same time and vice-versa?

Pizou, let's assume that I am the most idiot of the idiots on this blog, but would you agree that I have more brain power and competence to move Haiti forward and bring hope to the Haitian people more than Preval and his entire dysfuntional government put together?

And I can change Haiti into almost a living paradis within a year than Preval or anyone else could in 20 years.

And I could do all that by having the caveman as my prime minister and the monkeys occupying all the miniterials posts.

I know you might be asking why I would have only the caveman and the monkeys in my government, right?

And that would be a good question.

The answer to that question would have been simply, because the caveman and the monkeys have the inherented brain power, they genius, the wisdom, and the know-how, which Preval and his entire deranged government put together do not have.

With a team like that my government would be able to move mountains, build a beautiful Haiti with lots of jobs, education, health care, drinking water, etc..

a paradis where everyone would love to live and enjoy life to its fullest.

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