Preval for 5 years of peace and progress

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You're right, and the reason is the EX will squander Preval's chance to fulfill his patriotic dream: Mete peyi-a sou ray(put Haiti on the right track).

Preval sure was presented to us by him, but Preval is no devil.

The presenter is. Therefore, he must stay in South Africa (bwe kob li) to give this good man a chance to be himself.

Preval, I hope he does not get sick, can get the job done.

We need Verella to be president after him because this young man got real guts. I don't know him personally like I know Becker, but I know he got guts. and will. and knowledge.

For the moment, let Mr. Preval prevail.

May the fake priest go to hell. Haiti is for Haitians, not for one man to kill, and steal, and destroy under the name of democracy, his own autocratic dictatorship.

Go ahead Mr Preval.

Crush the murderers, whether they are Lavalas, bourgeois, Guy Phillipe (whom I knew at St Louis), Danny Toussaint, Whoever, whoever -- so peace can flourish forever, forever...

for the sake of modernization.


Ayisyen Patriyot, August 13 2006, 10:14 PM

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