Montresor 2011 Farewell of UN Forces withdraws in 2011.

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Fellow Haitian Patriots,

Haiti's Independence Clock is ticking as we purpose to finish strong.

Welcome SPN D'Haiti (Service Protection National D'Haiti)

We have the power and the strengths of which to unite as One Nation, Under God!

Here is my strategic action and resolutions to remove and begin withdraw of UN forces within six (6) months of my administration from Haitian soil.

"Preparing ahead is a noble duty not an option for no battles are won without preparations."

I am proposing for a draft of a 100, 000 men and women of which 50, 000 will come from the global Diasporas and 50, 000 from Haitian in Haiti this new military drafts will start from age 18 to 35 years old

Farewell, we are going to celebrate Haiti's Military Independence as UN forces withdraw in 2011. I Montresor am committed to establish a fully trained Haitian military within 2 years!!

My leadership, Inspiration, workmanship to define
That will outlast failures, excuses such as "I don't have flashy leadership"

Qualifications: Haitian/expatriates.

Know how to read & write,
High school (GED)
Mentally and physically fits
Speak one or more languages:
Creole, English, Spanish, French.

Commitment: 2 to 5 year terms
Available and ready for duty
No previous military records etc.

This drafting Commitments start from 2 to 5 Year terms
Fellow Haitians and expatriates prepare for duties.

I will give you more detail instructions once I'm President.

Haiti 2011 revolutions' now begin...

Before independence=Haitians
After independence=Haitians

Our Military Independence is the unforgettable revolution to underline, as Haiti's historic Mission statement in the world.

Viv SPN D'Haiti!!
Service Protection National D'Haiti


I am recommending to all of you one of my favorite movies.

"Flash of Genius" Actor Greg Kinnear.

God Bless!

Thank you for supporting
Haiti Montresor a La Presidence
Michael M. Delasse
P. O. Box 345
Sand Springs, OK 74063
Montresor2011 at

Montresor 2011, July 26 2010, 5:20 PM

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