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Front Liberation D Haiti- - July 25 2010, 8:12 AM

harlot Charlemagne says: RE: The Duvalier Crime's Family--2. That is a first step towards Haiti's Liberation & Development.

I wish other Haitian Presidents & Dignitaries in Exile, while being in possession of a sizeable fortune(1957, 1990 to this date), have the Boldness, the Bravery, this instance of presumption, to have our rights return, while some of us enjoying the Privilege of Being Canadian, American, French, so on...


Haiti needs Everybody, Rich ansien, nouvo, Poor ansien, nouvo, Makoutansien,nouvo
Zenglendo ansien, nouvo, Tout Moun nèt an jenewal.BUT, with One, and a New Mind set (to SERVE, Sèvi), one Philosophy INITE in KONFRATERNITE (Inité men nan Konfwatènité), one Program (AGRO).

E mwen Charlot Charlemagne Nèg Gros-Morne nan Latibonit.

Si nou fè sa 6 mois, Haiti sou yon lôt chimen.

An nou sispann mete divizion, Se sa ki mete nou la. Diviser pour Régner: Stratégies de 1915 à nos jours la Communauté Internationale, Pharaons, Impérialiste à travers certains Haitiens et Autres, 1957 (Duvalier), de 1990 (Aristide),Let us be Konfreres with one Goal Haiti.This is a Right not a Privilege.The latter is Good, but the Right has to be First.Thanks
Charlot Charlemagne
Gros-Morne, Artibonite
konfraternite at aol.com

Reply from Commandante Zero
You are fostering the return of Jean Claude Duvalier.That means you have no respect for the family of the 60,000 people this regime killed.

We are asking you to cease and desist any favorable propaganda against the return of this criminal family to Haiti.

If he returns to Haiti, our guerrilla will detain him and put him on trial.

Our Guerrilla are making progressive headway by occupying some free territory in Haiti.

We will give the order for the general attack at the appropriate time

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That is a first step towards Haiti's Liberation ...


The Duvalier crime's family--2

Jean Claude Duvalier has the audacity to tell people that he will return to Haiti to restore order. For more...

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